The People at TCS

Dream the impossible. Imagine the remarkable.

The people behind the Taiwanese Cultural Society are more than a team - we're a family! Join us to have an amazing time running events that thousands of people experience and explore fun and exciting opportunities outside of the standard academic track.


Sarina Wu co-chair


Hey y'all, I'm Sarina. I joined TCS to stay in touch with Taiwanese culture (lured in by the pineapple bread) and stayed for the food, friends, and memories! My favorite events in TCS were grabbing meals together, boba runs, and of course Night Market! I enjoy tea (also the boba kind), food in general, bouldering, and video games.
email: swu5

Rosalie Chang night market chair


Aloha! I'm Rosalie - I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and I'm the Night Market Chair! I'm half-Taiwanese, spent a lot of time in Taiwan when I was younger (and still do during school breaks), and love Taiwanese food - I joined TCS because I wanted to make more friends that share a love for boba (haha). My favorite events from last year include TCS's Iron Chef Challenge (my group won with a matcha crepe cake + red bean cream), as well as the Night Market (it's an open-to-public event with lots of food vendors and performances). Aside from school I love poetry, jazz music, food blogs, eating, and meeting new people. And as you can see from my picture, my favorite dessert is ice cream :)
email: rosaliec

Emma Tsai financial officer


Hi guys! I’m excited to be managing all the money matters for TCS this year. As a freshman, TCS was such a welcoming group to hang out with and learn from. I’m a Minnesota girl through and through - I actually miss the snow, and you can catch me rooting for all our sports teams. I also enjoy music (I play violin and a little guitar), making/altering clothes, and tennis. I’m really looking forward to meeting more people and seeing what fun new things TCS will do this year!
email: emmatsai

Sunny Wu secretary


Hi everyone! My name is Sunny, and I’m a senior majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, and my parents are from Taiwan. I joined TCS in my junior year because I was looking for a new community to meet people, and I also wanted to better understand my identity as an Asian American. I discovered TCS to be a respectful and beautiful community that offered new friendships and tons of free boba. As Secretary this year, I’m looking forward to deepening existing connections and building new ones. Outside of TCS, I enjoy writing and reflecting on my personal experiences through the lens of a storyteller, and I relish seeking out new adventures and life experiences.
email: sunnywu

Eric Zelikman web person


Hi all! I'm Eric. More info to follow
email: ezelikman

James Li co-chair


Hi guys! I'm James Li, and I'm excited to be your co-chair for TCS alongside Sarina! I grew up in Minnesota for most of my life before moving to California, but both of my parents are from Taipei, Taiwan. I joined TCS as a curious sophomore and it ended up becoming an irreplaceable part of my social life here at Stanford. During my time as secretary last year, I really got to feel a strong sense of community while planning events like Night Market and going out to fun places for retreats, and I hope to share that same sense with you this year! I love to play piano, mess around with video and board games, and talk about robotics!
email: dawwctor

Daniel Classon social chair


Since retiring as last year's FO, I've decided to relax and enjoy my retirement. I'll be the party guy for this year, arranging the hangouts, external mixers, and Taiwanese-themed kickbacks.
email: dclasson

Tracy Lang social chair


Hi peepz, I'm looking forward to a great memory-filled year with the TCS family! I joined TCS last year as a way for me to learn more about my Taiwanese roots and to connect with the other Taiwanese members (and to drink more boba, of course!). I hail from Irvine down in SoCal, and enjoy reading interesting novels, playing the cello, and wandering off by myself. I'm looking forward to meeting y'all this year!
email: dclasson

Andy Chen marketing chair


I'm stoked to be part of the TCS family because I get an opportunity to share my personal cultural experiences and engage in new cultural experiences! As a marketing chair, I want to convey the awesomeness of our TCS events to both the Stanford and the larger Bay Area community. I also enjoy climbing on rocks (and sometimes buildings), falling off ninja warrior obstacles, photographing in the city, and pondering about AI risk.
email: asjchen

Anna Yang marketing chair


Hi everyone, I’m Anna!!!!!! I grew up in the Bay Area surrounded by lots and lots of Asian food and boba. I discovered TCS last year while wandering around Career Fair, and decided to sign up because I love Taiwanese food and culture (esp night markets). I ultimately fell in love with the great group of people in TCS, and I look forward to another awesome year with the TCS fam!
email: ayang7